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To ensure, that the Company's Management can focus on Market Expansion, Customer Attraction and Employee Motivation, we at medddbase GmbH will be your right partner. Whether you are planning to approach with a direct Sales and Marketing organisation or through independent sales structures, it is definitively of utmost importance to not loose these exact two major components – Sales and Marketing – out of sight.

It has been our core competency for several years now, to plan, set up, organise, execute and handle simply everything that needs to be done to create, build and maintain a solid and functioning Operations Platform and Back Office around the direct sales force of our Clients.

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After seeing an increasing need by start-up companies, to not only set up and grow sales activities, but at the same time arrange for back-office services, covering daily activities in the fields of customer service, logistics, administrative services, accounting, etc. Walter Mutschler founded in 2007 medddbase GmbH to provide such services on a shared-platform basis. Building up such an infrastructure is not only time consuming, but also very expensive, as all back-office-positions need to be overstaffed, to provide permanent presence for the customers/hospitals/sales reps.

In 2012/2013 we have also been focused to expand our range of activities to several international markets. Mainly for the reason, that various services, especially instrument-loaner-management, must be set up and handled on a local basis, in order to be fast, efficient and competitive. For that reason, we are now operating with partnering companies, who are trained and supervised by medddbase GmbH, inside Switzerland, Italy and United Kingdom. 2014 we have founded medddbase Iberica in Spain. Currently we are working on a expanding transatlantically towards the USA.


We are an ISO certified company to design and implement European market entry programs for small and mid-sized medical device companies.